Barcelona Date Venues

Take you Barcelona date for coffee at Cafe Vienes, part of the Hotel Casa Fuster.
Take you Barcelona date for coffee at Cafe Vienes, part of the Hotel Casa Fuster.

Want to keep things pretty casual? The best way to do this is the coffee date. But you want it to be somewhere nice, where it’s quiet enough that you can chat to each other and a little bit classy. Try the Cafe Vienes in the Hotel Casa Fuster. Fantastic coffee and delicious desserts are the perfect way to break the ice, especially if its early in the relationship.  It’s definitely more pricey than your standard cafe, but this will show your date you think they’re worth it, especially if you pick up the tab.

Maybe you don’t want to spend the whole time talking and want something a little off-beat to look at and stimulate the conversation.  Why not try A Casa Portuguesa? Its a specialty food store where you can also get coffee, a glass of wine or some tapas or a pastry for a snack. They also have live music, art exhibitions and live music all in a place with friendly staff and a comfortable environment. 

Maybe you want to sit outside in the summer months with your date and watch the world go by? Then head down to Cafe Salambo and check out their patio. If you’re hungry, they have excellent food and if you’re feeling playful you can shoot a game of pool! You can even preview Cafe Salambo on an online video to make sure it fits your needs.

Dry Martini is one of the best cocktail bars in the world!
Take your date to Dry Martini for amazing cocktails in Barcelona!

Maybe you’d like to go for a drink or three at a local watering hole. If you’re looking for a nice cocktail, you really should go to the Dry Martini Bar. The place looks like something out of a Humphrey Bogart movie and they make a legendary martini (hence the name!).  Its been listed as the third best gin bar in the entire world, by Drinks International. The establishment sports green leather seats, mahogany walls, and waiters wearing white tuxedos to set the mood! If you and your Barcelona date like cocktails, you’ll love the Dry Martini Bar!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more romantic than coffee or cocktails? Let heaven help you. No seriously, let the heavens give you a hand! Take your date to the Fabra Observatory (Observatori Fabra) restaurant. The restaurant does outdoor dinners ‘with the stars’ from June to October every year. Follow this up with a visit to the observatory itself to top off the night. This is very popular so be sure to contact the restaurant to make a reservation in advance.

A mega yacht at the port
Take your date to the port to see the yachts…

Low on funds? Take a walk down Port Vell in Barceloneta to see the boats and the port itself! Many cruise ships dock at Port Vell as well as ‘Mega-Yachts’, boats owned by the rich and famous that are startling in size, beauty and all around opulence.  There is a shopping center where you can grab a bite to eat, and then you can watch the sun set together…romance on a budget has never been so easy! If you stay past sunset, there are also loads of restaurants and bars in the area so you won’t be out of stuff to do. There are also street vendors, but these are less aggressive than you usually find, and generally wait for you to approach them, rather than accosting you!

The magic fountain has both sound and light shows
Bring a little magic to your Barcelona date with this illuminated fountain.

Looking for something a little more spectacular? Take your date to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc…The magic fountain was built in the 1920s palace and is a site to behold! Its an enormous splendidly illuminated fountain where they play classical and modern music in a Magic Fountain show. Performances take place every half-hour intervals on the weekends (after dark).