Meeting women in Barcelona

Interactions between men and women can be very complex regardless of whether you are looking for a casual relationship or something more long term and serious. The level of complexity depends on a whole host of things like personalities, mood, and the situation.  Men and women have a lot more differences than the obvious anatomical ones. There is no ‘instruction manual’ for women (though some days we wish there was), but these tips will help you out.

How you make her feel is key!

If you tell her she is the most beautiful woman in the world on a daily basis, but if she doesn’t feel you mean it, it’s not going to have any effect. Remember the saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’. She knows it too, so be sure you do things to back up what you say!

She sees things from a different angle

Women read things into your words, body language and actions, more often than you would expect. Being aware of this will keep you out of trouble. Play your cards right and sometimes you can make it work to your advantage!

Barcelona women like conficence
What do women in Barcelona want?

She’s probably smarter than you…emotionally anyways

Women generally articulate their opinions and ideas more frequently and often better than men. A woman’s emotions usually influence her actions more than a man’s do. If you are more expressive about your emotions, women may feel closer to you. Be careful that you don’t fall into the friend zone, and they still see you a potential partner! Keep in mind that this won’t always be the best way to go. Some ladies prefer more traditional men…the strong, silent type.

What do women want?

Sometimes what women in Barcelona want can be confusing…Its tough to keep up with the somewhat variable and conflicting needs of some Barcelona ladies.

  • When are they ‘ladies’, to be have doors opened and courtesies taken and when to do you treat them as real equals?
  • Are you supposed to be listening and nodding instead of providing solutions? Are you supposed to take action?
  • When do play it cool?  How cool? When should you express yourself.
  • How do you answer impossible questions without getting in trouble (e.g. Does this dress make me look fat?)

The answers to these questions are difficult. In fact there are very popular and effective courses to teach you the best ways to be successful with the ladies.

Whether or not you decide to invest in learning more about the fairer sex, there are some things that women find universally attractive.

Ladies like a man who’s self-assured, relaxed and comfortable with who he is. So the question becomes how do you exude confidence?

Eye contact – Looking a woman in the eyes is key to show you are interested in them as a person. Concentrating on lots of eye contact may help you keep you from looking too long at other parts and offending them!

suitDress to impress – If you look your best, you’ll tend to feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself makes you glow with confidence. Women can sense this.  Invest in quality clothing that is versatile and slowly build up your wardrobe so you always look great!

Oral hygiene – No one wants to go out with someone with bad breath. Use  chewing gum and gargle with mouthwash as often as possible. Brush your teeth (and  your tongue) at least twice day. Lay off the stinky foods, well before talking to someone you want to impress.

Smell good – This is a big one. Scent is a large part of a woman’s sense of attraction. Heavy body odor does not impress most women. Shower daily, in the morning, and again before a date. Use an antiperspirant or deodorant. Find a good cologne or body spray. Don’t use too much of these!

Facial hair – This is a reflection of your personal style, as well as part of making a good impression. Clean shaven is probably safest. Stubble works as long as it’s nice and tidy. Beards can be risky, as lots of women find them scratchy. Unkempt hair that smells bad, has food in it or is tangled and matted will not impress any woman. Experiment with different looks; it won’t take you too long to figure out what looks best on you.

Speak clearly – Don’t mutter. Don’t mumble. Don’t speak too fast or too slow. Don’t speak with your mouthful. Don’t try to sound like batman. Don’t stare at your feet when you’re having a conversation. Look at her eyes, think before you talk and enunciate.

Break the touch barrier – You want her to know you’re interested. You don’t want to paw her, but playful, non-sexual touching will show her want to be more than just her friend. Touch her arm when talking, give her a hug goodbye and hold her hand when you dance with her (if you can dance). Be natural when you touch her. No yawn, stretch and arm around type cheesy moves. Be confident and make the touching part of your approach to let her know what you want.

Barcelona dating
Show your confidence by breaking the touch barrier

Ask questions – The conversation should not lag, nor should you dominate it. Steer the conversation where you want it, by asking her questions. Try to find areas of interest to both of you. Listen to and remember the things she’s saying… she’ll be offended if you don’t!

Be decisive – Whether you’re choosing from a restaurant menu or picking a film, not being able to make decisions will be perceived as a lack of confidence.

These tips will help you to meet and impress women in Barcelona and wherever else you travel to!!